The Ranch

The Ranch...

  • We have a walking labyrinth where we invite you to take off your shoes and walk the soft sand, grounding, calming, connecting to you; 
  • We invite you to sit and meditate on our medicine wheel facing the different directions your life may be nudging you to pay attention to;
  • Our fully equipped and permitted 1 bedroom and bath Red Rock View Casita offers privacy and quietness to being home away from home;
  • Massage chair that adjusts to your body’s size and areas of pain;
  • We have a zen shed where we store supplies with all the yoga gear you may borrow and work out equipment;
  • We have a green barn we call our Apothecary & Acu-yoga cabin.  We store herbal supplies and the herbs we grow on site such as sage, rosemary, lavender and others. We are happy to let you take a bundle home.  Feel free to use this space to practice yoga and meditation;
  • Our Apothecary large green barn also has yoga mats and is set up for yoga;
  • The shed by the bottom of property is not for guests as it is where all the ranch construction equipment is stored.  If you are a volunteer onsite helping with projects, this is where all the paint, tools and ladders are located along with the tractor, weeding tools, rakes, and mountain bikes you may borrow to ride on the ranch;
  • The hammock and swings are for you to enjoy and relax while observing our gorgeous views;
  • We have a path for you to walk around the perimeter of the ranch with many healing plants such as echinacea, lemon balm, lavender, chaste tree, valerium, mugwort, marigolds, cat nip, yarrow, holy basil, rosemary, and more;
  • Use trampoline and other games on site for your recreation.